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Zing Wine Bar was born more out of frustration than a love of the industry.
After extensive market research one thing that stood out amongst the many complaints of consumers in Ipswich was that there was not enough variety offered by the current drinking establishments. Bar a few select places, most of the town centre bars and pubs offered very much 'run-of-the-mill' alcoholic beverages.

At Zing we strive to bring to our cliental new and exciting drinks on a weekly basis, everything from new liqeuers and spirits to rare beers from around the world.

Zing Wine Bar is open all day, everyday except Sundays when we open from 5pm.

Zing Wine Bar was the first non-smoking bar to open in Ipswich town centre.
With the smoking ban being introduced into England in 2007 we took the decision to 'jump-the-gun' and offer a non-smoking environment ahead of the official ban, however we do still cater for our smoking customers with a covered and heated outside courtyard area. (Which is now busier than ever!)

The ethos behind Zing was to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for people to catch up with friends, entertain clients and retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of a busy town centre whilst enjoying something they love or indulging in something new.

We hope you enjoy what we have done with the place and look forward to meeting you soon.

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